NirmalSearch Engine: More Power to the Yogi

Sahaja Search is indeed a dire need. Many time we need to search a topic and end up taking content from any site. What if the content already existed within positive sahaja webpages? John’s Sahaj Toolbar is a terrific solution to search official Sahaja websites.

This gave inspiration to polish up a project which I had been tinkering with for a while: A search engine that searches official Sahaja Websites, blogs of yogis (posted on this group a while ago), Sahaja newsletter websites (Blossomtimes, Russian Newsletter). The Sahaja websphere consists of almost 4 dozen high quality websites and now there is a search engine that ties them together.

This custom NirmalSearch (Pure-Search) will perform searches on these dozen or so positive websites so that you can get to specific content from Sahaja world quickly and without the annoyance of non-Sahaja websites. Search deities, topics (ego, agnya), movies etc.

But the best part is, you can embed the search engine in your own webpage! Look for the button that gives you the simple HTML code, in the search results.

At present you can search from the SYOL portal:

Get HTML Code to put NirmalSearch on your webpages here:
Give it a spin!

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