Holi in Sahaja Yoga

Holi in Sahaja Yoga

Holi in Sahaja Yoga has its own charm. The above photo is from Shri Mataji’s birthday celebration in 2008 which coincided with Holi. I have always locked myself up in the apartment and desisted from playing holi because of the modern modifications to this wonderful festival: pouring chemical dyes and colors, violent drunkenness etc. However in Sahaja Yoga, holi has been restored to its pristine original by restricting colors to natural powdered ones only. Also, no drunkenness, which goes without saying. Also ‘maryaadas’ where brothers play holi with brothers and the ladies stick to their sisters causing no harm to chastity. As an additional bonus, the yogis above were playing holi with vibrated gulal (red powder).

Holi is truly holy in Sahaja Yoga, thanks to Shri Mataji!


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