Easter 2008 Shri Mataji Pictures

Easter 2008 Shri Mataji 1
Easter 2008
Shri Mataji at Easter 2008 2

The easter puja speech was quite life changing for me as it revealed more layers of forgiveness than I was aware of. Yes, forgiveness is something deeper and more complex than I previously thought. Being upset and not angry was never a Agnya issue for me, but after this talk, I know better.

 Another related piece of Sahaj vidya gained last weekend was that the Father does not judge on chastity and lets the seeker pass at the Vishuddhi. It is the Son who does the judgement of whether a seeker is fit for entering and staying in the kingdom of God. Very interesting talk on Yogeshwara aspect of Shri Krishna from His puja in 1982 in UK.

[Click images for full view]



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