Indian National Seminar – North Region 2008 Announcement

National Sahaja Yoga Seminar (Northern Region – INDIA) 2008

is being held in the campus of Raath Maha Vidyalaya, Paithani, near the
historical town of Pauri, 183 km from the holy city of Haridwar. The place, apart from
having a cool weather in the month of May/June, is full of natural beauty with a small river
flowing nearby adding to the grandeur. All the Sahaj Yogi brothers and sisters are cordially
invited to this Seminar so that we can meditate together, exchange vibrations and go
deeper in our spiritual ascent.

START: 30th May (Friday)
– Arrival, Registration & Hawan at 6 PM
PROGRAM : 31 st May to 2nd
June – Morning & Evening Sessions
END: 2nd June (Monday) – After evening session (late night)

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