Concern and Compassion

This is a recollection from the year 2002, when Shri Mataji was in Canajoharie for Shri Krishna puja. One night a bunch of us were lending a hand at Her residence close to the hangar. After finishing up with the chores we were offered the option of meditating by her living room, where She was receiving someone. So we sat down and started meditating and the proof of being thoughtless was that I cannot recall a word that was exchanged between the visitor and Mother. However, reflecting on the keywords of the discussion I saw an awe gathering within me, later.

The entire event in the living room was Mother being briefed upon dangerous chemicals at play in various aspects of American life: food supply, various forms of pollution etc. The briefing was highly technical but a graduate student can make out that the conversation was aimed at putting divine attention on the disruption of nature and all things natural in our lifestyles here. It was past midnight and there She was, sitting and working these things out in the form of the most compassionate One.


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