Diwali with Mother

October 26, 2008

A puja was offered to Shri Mataji at Her home in Noida, India (near Delhi) today. After the puja, Shri Mataji talked for 20 minutes. Shri Mataji said that today was a very important day, and that we should worship Shri Lakshmi today. She said that although we don’t realize it, the Shri Lakshmi roop looks after each detail of our lives. Today is an auspicious day to pray and start something new.

Shri Mataji asked to spread this message — please help getting the word out.

Diwali Greeting (Photo & Quote)

October 25, 2008

Diwali Greeting

The Meaning of the Five Days of Diwali

October 24, 2008

 Diwali is the celebration of the birth of Shri Lakshmi, who was born from the primordial ocean. It is also the era of the birth of Jesus Christ, in the darkest night. This event, symbolized by the lighting of the Diwali lamps, is followed by the celebration of the New Year in the old Hindu calendar (Shalivahanas). After the birth of Shri Lakshmi from the ocean, the Moon was born from the ocean, the Moon one sees in the sky two days after the New Moon. This Moon was placed on the head of Shri Shiva to cool Him down after He drank the poison from the churning of the ocean that produced Shri Lakshmi and many other wonders.  



First day – Dhantrayodashi  the 13th day of the moon in 2008 – Sunday, October/26


This is the day on which Shri Lakshmi was born. She was born as Gruha Lakshmi.  Thus, on this day a gift is to be given to the Gruha Lakhsmi (house wife) of the house.


Second day- Narak Chaturdashi the 14th day of the moon – Monday,October/27/2008


On this day, the rakshasa (demon) Narakasura died. This is the day on which hell was opened to receive the rakshasas. Sahaja yogis go to sleep early and wake up later on this day.


Third day- Deepavali or Diwali the 15th day of the moon, the day before the new moon – Tuesday, October/28/2008


Deepavali means the festival of lights. On this day, we celebrate the return of Shri Rama from the forest to His kingdom. It is also the darkest night when there is no moon, the night when Jesus Christ was born at 2:00 am. Lights are kept on during the night.


Fourth day – New Year the 1st day of the new moon – Wednesday, October/29/2008


In the State of Maharashtra, the ancestors of Shri Mataji, the Shalivahanas, celebrate the beginning of the New Year on this day.


Fifth day – Bahu Bij the 2nd day of the new moon Thursday, October/30/2008


On this day, we celebrate the birth of the Moon from the primordial ocean. The moon is the brother of Shri Lakshmi.  They were born at the same time. So, for us the Moon is our maternal uncle who is recognized as the brother of all the Goddesses. On this day the rakhi sisters honor their brothers.


Source: Abilio and Nelma

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Jai Shri Mataji !

Mother’s India Visit Site Launched

October 24, 2008


Sahaj Thanksgiving

October 20, 2008

3yrs of Burlington Class in Ontario, Canada


Gate of Heavens

October 20, 2008

This is probably a scan from a seminar momento:


Shri Mataji Arrives in India for Diwali!

October 20, 2008

Mother, our beloved Guru has arrived in India as the hears worldwide prepare for Diwali Puja. An email forwarded the Diwali Qawwali!

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