East Coast Meditations Update: Heart Chakra Series Begins Tomorrow

For those who have been attending the East Coast 5.30AM meditations, it has been a great few weeks of meditating on each chakra for 8 days.
Tomorrow the series moves into the Heart Chakras and we hope more established yogis can join in.


The default time for the live webcast is 5.30am Eastern Time (USA / Canada). You can figure out your local time by using the Meeting Planner.


Shri Mataji at the Ocean Sunrise/Sunset: Morning Sahaja Yoga Online Meditation


Please signup for the email list for the Monday meditations, please click on the Google group link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sahaja Yoga Online Meditation Email List Signup on Google Groups


  • Webcast should autostart, once the page loads.
  • For detailed help, first visit the Help Page.
  • These webcasts are for intermediate/advanced level practitioners in Sahaja Yoga. If you are new to Sahaja form of meditation you are encouraged to contact a local class using the Sahaja International Directory, learn more at SahajaMeditation.com or attend beginner online m

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