Yogi Stories: Part 1

May 8, 2007

Nirmala Search: Refinements, Adding to IE7/Firefox Browsers

April 25, 2007


I use the Nirmala Search extensively to find information. However I had noticed, that when looking for Sahaja knowledge, often the results are crowded with SWAN News & Announcements results. A solution to this was a new feature of Nirmala Search “Refinements”

When a search is now performed, three refinement options will come up:

‘Regional Info & News’ ‘Sahaja Knowledge’ ‘Yogi Blogs & Sites’

These options will help you to restrict your search to specific types of webpages about Sahaja Yoga, as evident from the refinements themselves.

e.g. searching for “chhindwara” by default brings up a ton of pages related to news and announcements. But to learn about the history and background in details, you can use the ‘Sahaja Knowledge’ refinement to narrow your search. Further, you can also use ‘Yogi Blogs and Sites’ to see if a yogi mentioned it in his personal pages/blog posts.

Adding to IE7 / Firefox2.0 Browsers

Just go here and click on the “I” against the name of “Nirmala Search”!

All the best!

More upgrades, some cleanup

April 24, 2007

If you have noticed the slightly different look of the portal now, you must have noticed that (a) The nice pictures of Shri Mataji at the top now are actual live links!

Also the Chakra-Talk meditation room was converted from being a Windows Media Player based on (because of issues with Windows Media Player) to being a Flash Player based. Flash is installed on 99% of the browsers.

So check out the upgraded room here!

NirmalSearch Engine: More Power to the Yogi

April 19, 2007

Sahaja Search is indeed a dire need. Many time we need to search a topic and end up taking content from any site. What if the content already existed within positive sahaja webpages? John’s Sahaj Toolbar is a terrific solution to search official Sahaja websites.

This gave inspiration to polish up a project which I had been tinkering with for a while: A search engine that searches official Sahaja Websites, blogs of yogis (posted on this group a while ago), Sahaja newsletter websites (Blossomtimes, Russian Newsletter). The Sahaja websphere consists of almost 4 dozen high quality websites and now there is a search engine that ties them together.

This custom NirmalSearch (Pure-Search) will perform searches on these dozen or so positive websites so that you can get to specific content from Sahaja world quickly and without the annoyance of non-Sahaja websites. Search deities, topics (ego, agnya), movies etc.

But the best part is, you can embed the search engine in your own webpage! Look for the button that gives you the simple HTML code, in the search results.

At present you can search from the SYOL portal:

Get HTML Code to put NirmalSearch on your webpages here:
Give it a spin!

A Trusty WordPress Video Plugin

March 24, 2007

Plugins to show your youtube/google video in wordpress.org blogs come with strings attached. Some want to do elaborate media management on your blog, some want you to host the video on your blog after ripping it from youtube and some simply want the exact url to the video (which youtube does not give). In this babel of plugins, some hours of research lead to this one:

[…–www.daburna.de–…] – Blog

Yes, it works: Sahaja Yoga Atlanta: Video Gallery

A Podcast Revived

March 16, 2007

The unofficial SY Michigan podcast, which was started as a hobby project recieved a exponential jump in the number of subscribers, mainly due to the inclusion in the Sahaj Toolbar by John Noyce. So after 8 months, another episode was added. Hoping this will be more frequent. Also to improve the performance of the feed and meet requirements for more hosting space, it was ported to SYOL!

Feed:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/symichpodcast (Also available via iTunes podcast directory).

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Sahaja Yoga Online Meditation: skype conferencing

March 2, 2007

the yuvvies did it, a low cost high yeild grassroots modality:

1200 Years of Sahaja Tradition

March 2, 2007

Our trusty historian yogi in Australia, John Noyce has launced a website for documenting 1200 years of “1200 years of an interfaith tradition”. Go here: http://sahajhist.blogspot.com/

1st logo image!

February 1, 2007


SYOL logo