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June 20, 2008

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Concern and Compassion

April 21, 2008

This is a recollection from the year 2002, when Shri Mataji was in Canajoharie for Shri Krishna puja. One night a bunch of us were lending a hand at Her residence close to the hangar. After finishing up with the chores we were offered the option of meditating by her living room, where She was receiving someone. So we sat down and started meditating and the proof of being thoughtless was that I cannot recall a word that was exchanged between the visitor and Mother. However, reflecting on the keywords of the discussion I saw an awe gathering within me, later.

The entire event in the living room was Mother being briefed upon dangerous chemicals at play in various aspects of American life: food supply, various forms of pollution etc. The briefing was highly technical but a graduate student can make out that the conversation was aimed at putting divine attention on the disruption of nature and all things natural in our lifestyles here. It was past midnight and there She was, sitting and working these things out in the form of the most compassionate One.

Recollections and Pictures from Birthday Puja 2008

March 27, 2008

Birthday Puja 2008

Night 1 Felicitations

The evening program with felicitations concluded a few hours ago. It
was heartening to have many letters from USA governors, mayors and of
course the office of the president. These were all greeted with wide
applause. Other notable ones were from the prime minister of Canada
and the leader of sufi saints fro turkey.

This historic celebration has brought attention to this little
village which has been transformed into nirmal nagri by Mother’s
special attention.

It was shared that Mother was concerned about the arrangements. In her
infinite blessings She offered to sleep on the floor and cook, all
for the visitors and Sahaja yogis coming for birthday puja.

The speeches during the felicitation were sincere, heartfelt and
inspired. The ladies and girls of nirmal Prem ashram performed a
musical skit on Mother’s life, which was awe inspiring.

We are looking at the confluence of celebrations, as a speaker
remarked that the next few days marked the birth of prophet mohammed,
good Friday, zorastrian Navroz fest etc.

RD from

Night 2: Birthday Puja Recollections

Going to Chhindwara, little it was realized that the event coming up is quite cosmic in proportions. Good Friday, Persian New Year, Prophet Mohd. Birthday and of course Mother’s 85th birthday. Celebration of Holi was expected on the day after puja, so we dressed in our silks and other finest for the puja, leaving ‘holi clothes’ for the next day. Little did we realize that we were going to break into spontaneous Holi color smearing right after puja. Sadhana Didi and Kalpana Didi decided to play holi with Shri Mataji right there after the birthday cake was cut. More Gulal was vibrated by mother (red powder for smearing on each other). The Indian yogis spared no time mixing the vibrated red powder with tons more, making packets and distributing right away to a rapturing crowd of 20,000+

A new movie on Shri Mataji’s childhood was premiered just before the puja. In February this year, Mother gave a 3 hour intervew, reminiscing about Her childhood and the house in Chindwara. The house is a shrine restored without replacing most of its vibrated elements: The floor on which Mother took Her first steps, etc. The house was a hospital for a long time. During this time, many years ago, Baba Mama took Sahaja Yogis to the building and asked them to check vibrations in various rooms to find the room where Shri Mataji was born. This Sahaja Yogi recollected that they passed many rooms before coming to a small, abandoned room which was quite cobwebbed. It gave vibrational evidence that Baba Mama confirmed as the birth place of Shri Mataji.

After the puja, holi celebrations resumed with the folksy charm of Mukhiraam & Dr. Rajesh’s songs about holi. It was quite the co-incidence to celebrate holi in the state of India where holi is celebrated quite intensely: Madhya Pradesh. Shri Mataji departed from Chindwara on Sunday and during transit, at a hotel in Nagpur near the airport, asked for the offering of Easter Puja. The highlight of Birthday Puja was Shri Mataji’s power of transforming the remote puja site in Linga village near Chindwara into a hospitable place for thousands in a matter of weeks.

Jai Shri Mataji!

A Postcard from Mongolia

October 12, 2007

This morning the most wonderful thing arrived in my mailbox. A little message of hope, blossoming and spiritual spring in the impending winters of our hemisphere. It was an email from Haliun to a yogi mailing list, a yogini who was writing how Sahaja Yoga in Mongolia is organically growing. In the last 2 years, this is just her 3rd or so email. Her first one was an appeal to the global Sahaja Yoga community to send just subtle attention to the genesis of Sahaja Yoga in Mongolia. Her second was a simple acknowledgement that Khazakistan yogis were going to visit her city to help spread Sahaja Yoga. And now a third one, an update on how things are.

I met didi (elder sister) Haliun on the holy land of Canajoharie, NY. It was the year 2002 and fall was settling in. All us yogis were singing songs and telling stories like good old Sahaj hobbits. (Minus the consumption of hippy-happy substances.) We exchanged courteseys and later met in a yogi gathering in Chicago, where she was living as she completed her graduate studies. Again, in typical eastern tradition, the communication was minimally verbal. I did not know it was the last time I would meet her. But when I heard she had left the United States for her homeland of Mongolia, it was our loss and Mongolia’s gain. Here are selections from her ‘postcard’, that flew in this morning:

“I have begun the programs in Wednesday and Saturdays in here.
And soon are coming yogis from Russia with musical programs.
So I wanted to have your enlightened attention in order to have
smooth preparation and going of upcoming programs.”

“…now when yogis from Russia are coming and for the 2 weeks of
their stay, it would be very great to reach the seekers…”

“…there are people from last programs, who said they would come to see Russian yogis then me. But anyway again beginning to have very nice notes from around people about sahajayoga that they liked programs, always very great feelings to do these small things for sahaja yoga…”