Nirmala Search: Refinements, Adding to IE7/Firefox Browsers


I use the Nirmala Search extensively to find information. However I had noticed, that when looking for Sahaja knowledge, often the results are crowded with SWAN News & Announcements results. A solution to this was a new feature of Nirmala Search “Refinements”

When a search is now performed, three refinement options will come up:

‘Regional Info & News’ ‘Sahaja Knowledge’ ‘Yogi Blogs & Sites’

These options will help you to restrict your search to specific types of webpages about Sahaja Yoga, as evident from the refinements themselves.

e.g. searching for “chhindwara” by default brings up a ton of pages related to news and announcements. But to learn about the history and background in details, you can use the ‘Sahaja Knowledge’ refinement to narrow your search. Further, you can also use ‘Yogi Blogs and Sites’ to see if a yogi mentioned it in his personal pages/blog posts.

Adding to IE7 / Firefox2.0 Browsers

Just go here and click on the “I” against the name of “Nirmala Search”!

All the best!


One response to “Nirmala Search: Refinements, Adding to IE7/Firefox Browsers”

  1. Fantastic! – an invaluable innovation

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