Vibrated Water

Yesterday, the following picture of water being vibrated was sent from Brazil.

Shri Mataji’s picture vibrates water

Vibrating water in Sahaja Yoga for benevolence is a time tested recommendation which most yogis follow with diligence. Upon searching the blogosphere for more stories related to vebrated water, the following were found. If you have more, let the blog know!

Research on the effect of vibrations on water

With the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, it became well known that water can be vibrated by Shri Mataji, directly by her personal impact or in the presence of her photograph. Many people experienced medicinal properties of such water. [from] complete story

The India tour participants from this past March, 2008, recollect talking about vibrated water research to the agricultural university there:

“On the weekend of 15 February 2008 we, a small group of Sahaja Yogis from Mumbai, went to the Konkan Agricultural College to give realisation. About 1,500 students got their realisation as well as the Principal and all the staff. We showed them some research on sunflowers treated with vibrated water which gave a higher yield, and trees affected by acid rain treated in the same way, done by Dr Mylany in Austria some years ago, and they were very impressed.” complete article on the aussie sy website

Vibrated water brings balance and peace to places that might have seen disturbing episodes in history. Here is a recollection by a yogi sprinkling vibrated water to bring peace:

During this trip [Native American Tour by Sahaja Yogis] I was able to visit very important places, crucial areas of historic importance, where battles and very important historical personalities, both good and bad, laid the foundation for the formation of the United States. We were able to throw vibrated water at the Battle of the Big Horn. We prayed to bring peace to the Indians and the entire American population. We held Sahaja Yoga programs on the reservations. complete article in Light of Sahaja Yoga newspaper

Yen from Malaysia has a ‘recipe’ for vibrating the house with vibrated water!

Recipe for Vibrated Fragrant Air
(click for the complete post)
Ingredients :
1 spray bottle
Some vibrated water
Few drops of perfume oil (Jasmine, Mogra, Khus, Rose, Sandalwood…your choice) – This is the secret ingredient



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