A Picture Says a Thousand Petals

This report was filed from Berlin:

Berlin was a blast. We gave up to 250 realisations one person one day.
The people were standing in 3 rows be4 the stand and the yogis had no chair to sit on for 8 hours.
We made a little spot in front, so at least 2 young people could sit on the floor 4 realisation.
Each of us had to handle minimum 2 persons up to 4 at the same time. Once 1 spot got free we pointed at it and shouted like a market-stand-owner: “one place free”, and the visitors ran for it.
After 4 days I felt like a waitress, cause my feet were so sour. On the last day vibrations were so strong, twice the bliss of the castle in Cabella, so I just let the seekers put their own hand over their heads, giving them a bandhan, and they got it in seconds ! this was my best realisation experience ever.



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