Sparkles in Vision – Yogi Poem

Sparkles in Vision


Oh grand Ocean sparkling full of joyful hope
Diamonds scattered all along
Seeds of little suns all day, Twinkle of million stars all night
The eternity expands at thy horizon
While our wishes converge at your shores
Many a dreams I had built on your depth
Most lost their form in thy majestic canvas
Some found their forms in your boundless identity
Rhythms so holy ever at your disposal
I am a note amidst million notes of HER music
When we are unheard, unseen
There is your color that of contentment and gesture that is eternally generous
When we are the spoken and witness
There is your expanse of infinite compassion and love truly HER’
In awe, I am bridged between heart and its holiness
Numerous arts, dear sky would bear in his arms
Ripples of eternity gazed in spectrum of colors and forms
The clouds so cherished of lost identity, curd churned of divinity’s milk
You reflect all those in your delicate lap, quiet and deep
I am a boat of hope journeying to the land of Love’s behold!
Many a odes unsung at your shore still
Withered shells, garlands of waves’ patterns occupies my attention
I am covered by a garment as limited as these patterns are
While My Mother whose garments’ dust is this ocean, search for myself lies deep down here!
Lost in collective identification of million drops as mine Treasure hidden here and there!


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